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Rick Isenbeck

President, Founder and Senior B2B Consultant

Mr. Isenbeck has 23 years of IT experience and 18 years of B2B/EDI experience. He started his career as a junior programmer after graduating the University of South Florida in 1993, with a Management Information Systems degree. By age of 26, he was named EDI Coordinator of Philips Electronics (North American Division). After Philips sold their North American semi-conductor division, he joined up Tampa, FL based CommerceQuest, where he blended his B2B/EDI skills with IBM Websphere software that specialized in systems integration. In 2003, Mr. Isenbeck started his company by providing IT Staffing to companies that had needs of integrating their ERP systems. His company then later evolved into helping companies perform SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and implementing new EDI systems. Mr. Isenbeck’s strength is combining business problem solving skills along with his deep technical knowledge.

Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Coaching Basketball and travel with family.

Attended College: University of South Florida (93’), Manangement Information Systems.

Greg Ferrell

Senior Architect

Greg has decades of experience in the field of information technology from writing machine language programs to designing multi-layered systems. He has been in EDI since (dinosaurs ruled the world) the early 1990’s. He has worked almost every platform used for the processing of business data. He has become an advanced technician on the Sterling B2B Integrator product with much experience in mapping, business processes and system tuning. He has performed in the mainframe world and the server world with work in JCL and with Unix/Linux. He is experienced in building connectivity using ftp, sftp, AS2, HTTP, webservice, and various TCP protocols. He has a knack for being able to troubleshoot problems within the various EDI platforms. He first wrote code on a computer in 1967. He can chew gum, run a straight line, juggle a cell phone, catch a correct gate, and diagnose a BP all the same time. He believes in and excels at, having fun in the work place with those around him.

German Gonzales

EDI Cloud Partner

Originally born in the Dominican Republic, Mr. Gonzalez came to the United States in 1989. After spending 12 years in New York City primarily doing iSeries/AS400 programming and database work, German relocated to Orlando, FL. In 2002, Mr. Gonzalez met Rick Isenbeck at Canadian Pacific Ships where they together worked on all of their new EDI/B2B development. German is a highly seasoned IT professional with big project experience surrounding Enterprise Integration, EDI/B2B, and Project Management. His ability to be an effective problem solver and team player blended with his high professional integrity bring a valuable combination to the organization and those he services. German enjoys spending time with his family and playing golf when he is not working. He is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Brooke Taylor

Account / Sales Manager

Brooke focuses on leading the consulting team in Sales and Deployment in IBM B2B Commerce, IT recruiting, and EDI Cloud. She was an excellent student who majored in Marketing at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Brooke spent the 1st part of her career as an IT recruiter. Sea Level is delighted to have Brooke leading our sales efforts with her new ideas and energy.

Hobbies: Traveling, Tennis, Event Planning

Attended College: University of South Florida (14’), Marketing

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